ST holders are manufactured from tool steel and hardened to HRc 40. The high precision profile of the blade pocket ensures accurate location. Toolholders are available in LH and RH versions with two types of clamping systems. The TP version provides maximum rigidity for possible turning operations and the TP-Y version places the blade in line with the outside of the holder for absolute closeness to collet when using the appropriate blade width.

Part-off Holders



Manufactured from tool steel hardened to HRc 40, ST TPC holders are designed to carry two blades side by side for partoff and chamfer. The first blade produces a chamfer or a radius on the next component while the second blade parts off the component being machined. The two blades are perfectly clamped together in the high precision blade pocket. For machines equipped with a synchrospindle, holders can be fitted with three blades for parting-off and chamfering both ends of the component.



Constant profile blades with 2° 30’ side clearance. HSS blades have a hollow ground top face to help collapse the chip. Regrinding is quick and easy, carried out on the front face only, making maximum use of the blade length available.


The chamfer blades incorporate the 2° 30’ side angle allowing a perfect fit along side the part-off blade.