Clamping Systems

WL and CL clamp numbers change according to the width of the Empire blade or twintips to be held. It is necessary to always use the clamp corresponding to the tool’s width in order to ensure that it is perfectly located in the toolholder.

Please note that the last digits of the clamp numbers are the same as the last digits of the blades or the twintips. This does not apply to WT clamps which accept different widths of Empire blades or twintips.

Examples: –

Clamp WL25286-3 for PM3 Empire blades

Clamp WL25286-3N2 for PM3N2 Empire blades

Clamp WL25286-30 for 1730 twintips –

Clamp WL25286-20 for 1720 twintips

WL Clamp

For maximum rigidity with narrow nose
access to clamp from the side

CL Clamp

For maximum rigidity access to clamp
from above

WT Clamp

For very short components and use
with pick-up or synchrospindle